30 August 2017


Learning to Smile. Truly smile; not this fakery shit but a true smile. That's an art that I'v been exercising lately. I realise that the world is literally burning, global warming is escalating, politics had exploded, people have gone crazy, but there are still reasons for us to smile.

1. Your alive.
2. You have a roof over your head and the ability to go out and do what you love everyday if you let that happen.
3. Time is not a given, but you have the option to spend your moments the way you wish without dictation no matter what anyone else thinks. For some it's easier to do this than others, but regardless, you still have the option.
4. Someone has got love for you in this world..well..I'm hoping so...most of us have either parent or both, most of us has that one friend or someone in general that cares about them.
5. Your eyesight is good; again, making assumptions due to this being a blog and you needing eyes to read these words.


25 August 2017


My friend and I spontaneously took an adventure down to Brighton and what must of been the most perfect day. I loved it there, the ice cream, the old sweets shops, the laines, Just what I needed at the time. The first thing we did off the train was hunt for the sea, wasn't hard to be honest, you could see it from the train station. All I remember saying the second I got out of the station was that the smell of the sea smacked me in the face, literally, couldn't hide from it, just made me feel like I was on holiday and it was lovely. 

22 August 2017


Now I'm not telling you that you shouldn't jump outside your element from time to time; but finding your element and embracing it full on is one of the best things anyone can do for themselves. I've always been that type of person to love what I love and not care about the next door neighbours opinion; but as I have aged, cry me a river, I began being cautious of the things I loved.


19 August 2017


This isn't the post I wanted to get out today, but staying in Birmingham this weekend has meant my internet takes 4 hours to upload a couple pictures...! sad, I know; however, I was thinking last night about the riddles of our existence. With what's happening in the world today, I fail to have as much hope for humanity as I used to. I end up instead, wondering why I'm even on this planet and how I can escape it if changing it doesn't pan out. call me dramatic, I hear ya. But I have a point here.


14 August 2017


An Artist first and foremost, I'm so vulnerable to art pieces. Can't help but have them. Can't resist the talent, just can't. Good for the Artist, not my account and I am almost as weak when it comes to prints, however, I have stopped myself buying until I move out into a little place of my own. You'll see my lusting for prints in my Lust Prints List post if you wanna gander....

12 August 2017


When I first read, not all who wonder are lost, somewhere which I can't re-call unfortunately it made me smile so hard. I'v been searching for the right words to leave my lips for a long loong time and when I read those words, I just felt lifted.


9 August 2017


an old pic I took, but a damn good one

It's been a while, I know, but life took me by surprise again and I lost my strength to type. Don't worry, I still continue writing poetry, currently onto my second book whoop! but I lost any will I had to actually continue this blog. Today, I'm thinking about revival.

Having just come off the plane from Portimao, Portugal, I am extremely tanned, extremely eager to get back to work and feel extremely fortunate to have witnessed such beauty. It reminded me how beautiful it is to live on such a planet and how grateful I should be that I have eyes that work, that allow me to experience it all first hand.

I've really been trying to improve my mood lately, having been built as a woman of colour to survive through pain rather than deal and then survive, I'm aiming to re-programe my brain to not fight the truth on what hurts. One day, I may talk more about what's happened within the last few months, but for now, let me just say this. Our bodies can be torn and abused, our minds can be shredded and mistreated, we can go into denial, we can fall, we can take the hand of someone we shouldn't for help and crumble, we can weep, we can sigh, but we can also heal. Healing is one of the hardest things to do, and I for one, don't have a handle on it yet, but sure do want to persevere in my attempt at doing so.



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