6 February 2017


Welcome to Windsor. A place for royalty and endless cobbled streets. I went up there to visit a friend on Friday; the wind literally was attacking us at every chance it had, but we enjoyed the day nonetheless. I got to see the castle, walk on rainy streets and got my ears pierced all in a few hours! It was a good day.

My jacket is from Topman if your wondering, got it in New York last year so I can't find it anywhere here for you I'm afraid, nor is there anything else like it (as far as I could see). Mens jackets are always so much cheaper and better fitting, if your tall like me and like the slightly oversized fit.  

We ended up by the river, which by the way I'm definitely returning to in the summer because I can imagine how beautiful it all most look when Windsor sees the warmer days; and hung out with some beauties whilst having our rainy stroll.

stare off with my main swan Eliza

After entertaining the swans in the rain, we popped into Zizi's for dessert, yes, we went in there just for dessert and I didn't regret a single mouthful of my chocolate melt pudding.

mmnnnn that drink really was tasty

Have you ever been?

love, Renae x



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