7 February 2017


What's Beauty to you?

Right, I'm currently sitting in my boiling room with spaghetti bolognese, a white chocolate magnum and ginger beer with the Titanic soundtrack in the background, aiding me whilst I write this post that, for some reason I have been gravely procrastinating. I haven't a clue as to why I'm finding it hard to put the words that are flowing from my brain onto screen, but yh that's what's been happening. 


It's something that the world is obsessed over and something I can't quite figure out why. Why does the physiognomy of a person matter so much to society? and why are so many measured by it. Apparently, we all judge a person based on first initial eye contact within the first 10 or is it 30? seconds...not really sure, but along those lines, I am right. I'd like to think I'm not the sort of person to judge a person based on the cover they were born with, because I myself have been judged, stereotyped, you name it, based on my appearance, and so would never wish it upon another living soul. 

I've studied the 'perfect face' for research in the past for my work and let me tell you, having a completely symmetrical face may be 'perfect' to some, but to me it just takes out all the things that makes me looking into someones face interesting and replaces it with blah. There's no such thing as perfect..well I believe that anyways, each to their own views I suppose.

But I really don't think beauty should be measured by how far your brow lifts, or be determined by the width of your face nor the gap between your eyes. 

Beauty should be measured by character.

By what and who we are as a people. Not what features we have inherited. Yes, I won't lie and say perfect genes doesn't help a person out in life, but that type of beauty can only ever get you so far in life. When you strip everything away and you're left with your naked body, who are you? are you kind? are you loving? are you intelligent, and I don't mean having an IQ of whatever number, I mean are you wise, do you value yourself. Plus, where one may be the smartest person, the other may be the most intelligent in another...thats a whole other thing to think about, your intelligence isn't measured by grade..but let's leave that for another day yeah, my food is getting cold and my ice cream is melting. 

When you deeply look into the mirror, what do you see? I want to look in the mirror daily and be proud of the steps I have taken in life, yes there are many setbacks, but ultimately I want to be proud because I have learnt from my mistakes and am moving forward. Last year, I found my depression to start to make me ugly, I was no longer beautiful in my eyes, because the beauty inside of me had died. Once I realised that, I immediately tried to change it and gradually I can say I have grown to be more beautiful than I was before my downfall. 

Scars and wounds only add to your beauty as a human. It gives you more knowledge and experience; creates a whole other level within yourself that allows you to sustain whatever next will happen in your life. dearly hope this is making sense... 

Here's a poem I wrote a couple days ago showing my confusion on this world's beauty..


what is beauty?
what defines it, what relates to it
and how do we find it?
what standards need to be met and in what capacity must beauty flow?
how do we become beautiful, are we born into it, does it grow
what is beauty between the blurred lines
of the universe intertwined with hatred and violence
how does it survive in an atmosphere of grit and anger with just a silver lining of laughter, 
where did it come from and who was the ultimate giver to this thing so sweet like bubblegum ice-cream on the dock of a sunny breeze moment
What does it mean?
how does one 

Obtain it. 

How does one obtain it? Well my answer to that is that beauty is grown. it is not forced upon you, nor can it be made or brought. It is earned, it is nurtured and it will attract things or people into your life that should have an impact on you; good or bad, it's all a lesson learned for another day and that beauty that you have grown is what will give you strength to endure life. 

Never allow someone to make YOU feel ugly or disgrace you due to your appearance, stand strong and believe in yourself that you are beautiful because of the person who you are. Don't let your beauty be determined by what's around you, but rather determine it for yourself from your inner growth. 

Just remember, that everyone is beautiful in their own way, and no one has the right to tell that person otherwise.

love, Renae x

p.s. as i end this post the song where Rose has survived, is currently playing in the background, and yes, my magnum has melted #sadtimes



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