5 February 2017


Who doesn't love a good and honest treat? and in NY no less? well....allow me to enlighten you on the treats that stuck with me the most when I left the sunny breeze of New York last year.

Now I'm sure you've heard of The Mangnolia Bakery. But if you haven't then heres a sneak into what dream cakes looks like. If only there was such a thing a tasteavision then you'd be set for life! but as it is, we don't live in a fantasy world. I went to the one based in Greenwich Village, there's many around NY just google maps it, as I did. You'll find one, and you won't be sorry.

*insert gorgeous red velvet and carrot cake cupcakes here for drooling*

Up next is down the docks of Brooklyn Bridge Park. There is (/was, not sure if it's still there but should be) a bench and eating area where they also had a small but mighty ice-cream shop. I thought I'd take a risk and try something new this day and went for the Bubblegum and Dark Chocolate scoops in a cone. let me tellll you. let me telllllll you. oh please let me enlighten you on the wonders that hit my tongue. It was so unexpectedly beautiful in every way. Sweet, but not too sweet; rich, but not too rich. The only issue was the heat, that was melting it faster than I could lick; hence the images you see below of it taking over my hand.  If not for the ice-cream, the view alone down here was a sight, so I'd definitely recommend a trip there if you can when it's warmer again (which right now seems like never) #forevercold 

Lastly, are two places that I went into, but didn't have time to purchase/really wanted to buy, but realised that I needed to not eat everything my eyes set light onto. Both in Greenwich Village, we have Dominique Ansel Kitchen; which had the most intricate looking tarts and taste lusting chocolate desserts I had ever seen...the queue in there was long for a reason... and then we have Snowdays; which is quite common for their shaved ice-cream. Just the word, shaved, made me interested, so if you ever try it or have tried it, do let me know how that goes/went.

Did this post make you now crave the world? because writing it has done it to me. 

love, Renae x



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