19 February 2017


Wake up, take deep breaths and be grateful for what you have today. As I breathed in the air this morning, I was thinking about what the value of self-worth means to me.

What does it mean to you?

Self-worth means to me, self respect, being able to recognise my qualities and not rest on the negativity. It means not taking anything less from those around you. Not to be bitchy though, thats another type of personality trait. But to understand your own journey. What has made you, you today and the reasons as to why you won't allow other factors to jeopardise your own growth.

Whether that's your inner growth, your health growth, work aspirations or family, anything. Self-worth to me means understanding that I am gold and I won't be tarnished (she say's with attitude haha) But the trick is to not let that get to your head, as I said before, allowing it to get to your head and become bitchy isn't someone knowing their self-worth, it's that person being needy for attention and wanting those around them to be constantly in awe at their goals and achievements.

I don't want you to become that, but I want you to look at your self and perhaps note down the things that you have accomplished so far in life, and recognise your growth and the reasons why you should protect your worth. hope thats making sense. I do this from time to time. It helps remind me that I am a jewel into myself, and although I am not where others are in this moment in time, things will happen for me when they are meant to, not that we should be lazy and roll over, but we should trust in the value of ourselves, our talents, our minds and trust that as we generate happiness and joy, you will receive what is owed to you.

Self- worth doesn't grow overnight by the way, well not for me anyways, as it all starts with your mind and how you perceive yourself. Your mind is such a powerful tool and could either upgrade your life or destroy it. It amazes me daily how our bodies work and how each unique brain ticks and in turn dictates your responses and perceptions on life. When I was at the height of my depression, I couldn't see my self- worth because my mind was too busy trying to not drown. I couldn't see past that. It took a while for me to fully understand what I should and should not tolerate out of life. And as soon as I began gaining strength back into my mindset, and adjusting those perceptions and exercising self-love first and foremost, I began receiving only what I was worth and sometimes more, but never less.

It's a day by day learning experience I guess.

love, Renae x



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