2 February 2017


you can find this beauty, here....

I'm pretty sure you must of heard of this wondrous product. I got it as part of a christmas gift and I can't praise this thing enough. At first, I thought, nah this ain't for me, I'm not going to try this, will stick to my oils and be good! but then....then guys...I put this on freshly clean skin, straight after, and I'm telling you, it showed me just how thirsty my damn face is after a clean haha you can put on before or after makeup, or as a 5 minute mask; I couldn't imagine putting this over makeup though but if you try it, do let me know how that goes....

It sinks in so nicely and quickly, isn't greasy nor does it leave your skin feeling heavy. It's light, effective and great for adding in just the right amount of moisture. If you have severely dry skin, you can use more than me; I only need about half a penny to spread over my face, going from the T zone outwards as the T area needs the moisture more. I have combination skin by the way, dry in the middle, oily on the outside. perfect. If you have very oily skin, then, I guess you may not need this, but a pinch should be fine if you think you can do with that added love.

After I apply this, I always add on my normal moisturiser; at night however, my face can actually get away with just this and be good but in the day, my lovely face wants double the protection before I go outside and the elements smack me in the face.

It's a great product that lasts a really really really long time. I currently have the 5 oz/15ml size, have used it everyday since christmas and as you can tell from the pictures, I still have a long way to go. So what you can buy online will defo last you an age. It's not a product you need, but is a luxury product that your skin could love you for.

love, Renae x



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