4 February 2017


I have been writing poetry for just over a year now, as a way to take what I'm feeling and generate it into something positive. It has helped me grow, understand my surroundings, be a better person most importantly within my mentality. No.26 is one I wrote on Christmas Day when things went a little sour in my household and to deal I went upstairs and wrote this poem.

I don't believe there is a right and a wrong way to write poetry, there isn't a complete set of rules; yes there are patterns you can follow, but ultimately poetry is like painting. The same way what you may paint or create is an extension of your feelings or your mind, is the same way I treat poetry. It is an extension of me. To be quite frank I'm a little scared to reveal to you numbers 1 to 15 because those were my darkest hours. Christmas, I was sad, yes, but I had grown by then and once I wrote my feelings down on paper, I was able to slightly let that weight off of my chest, and attempt to enjoy the rest of the Christmas regardless of what happened moments before.

If your going through tough times in your life, I would encourage you to try it. Just write something down on a piece of paper and let the rhythm flow through you. I have poems that are 3 lines long and then I have gigantic ones that are a whole page long. It all depends on what I was going through in that moment in time. I have been saying to myself that one day, one day, I will print and bound and give my collection of poems to my grandchildren if I have any. I eventually want to publish them with little doodles on some of the pages to reflect the words that are written.

Your punctuation, spelling, grammar in general everything is looked at when a reader reads a poem. The lack of commas in mine, could reveal to you even more so the extent of what I was feeling; no breaths, just going and going without a pause. It tells it's own story. I continue to grow and learn by going to open mic's and buying poetry to help me gain further understanding, of how to further present what I truly wish to say on paper; only because I intend to publish one day. But as I said before, anything to me goes with poems. I'm even thinking of joining a poetry group if i can find one here in London. 

I still have so much to learn in life, but I'm so excited to gain more insight. It's a blessing to have another day and another way to breath and let yourself do what makes you happy. My hope is that by the end of this collection of poems, the happier ones will outweigh the darker beginnings of the collection, but who know, we just got to trust our own journeys and look forward right.

love, Renae x

*please don't re-use my poems without credit please*



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