29 January 2017



I'd be first to admit that I'm not a regular exfoliator, however nowadays, I'm really trying to take better care of my face and use mire natural products. This DIY, is one that I'm sure you'd love and as plus, it smells so delicious you almost want to eat it when you put it on your lips.

things you need:
  • Lemon Juice
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Brown Sugar
  • Castor Oil

utensils needed:
  • A Spoon
  • Container to mix in
  • Container to package scrub in 

let's do this: 

Firstly,  I filled the container I'm using to store the sub in with the brown sugar, as it's my main ingredient and to avoid waste, I've measured out how much I need first. After pouring that into my mixing container, you want to get all your wet ingredients and just plop them in! I done about 6 drop of each of the oils and just a few shakes of the lemon juice.

The lemon juice and vitamin e oil give the scrub nourishing and healing properties, the brown sugar is known to be a great base for a scrub and the castor oil, well, I use that for my hair and body almost everyday and it's the best thing to lock in moisture. Peppermint oil can relive you of dry skin, gives you a cooling effect and adds that sweet smell to your scrub that you'll love. Trust me!

Scrub as much as you need to, but keeping a regular pattern would help eliminate ever having days when you lips just can't deal ha, doing an exfoliation every night before bed to wake up with lush lips, or every morning to get it prepped for a day in the world's elements.

What's your favourite type of scrub?

love, Renae x



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