4 January 2017


I spontaneously decided to make a crumble last week that included these extra things; jumbo rolled oats and pears. Now, I believe I make a pretty damn good apple crumble and haven't used a recipe for a long time; so I do apologise but no measurements were measured and there wasn't a set way to make the dish.

I just flowed with it and thought I'd share anyways.

To make the crumble | 

  • Plain flour
  • Jumbo rolled oats (3/4 of the amount of flour)
  • Butter
  • Fair-trade brown sugar
  • Ground nutmeg
Let's make this | 
  • Take your pot and put it on a low heat. 
  • Melt the butter which will act as your binding agent for the crumble and give it that lovely crumbly texture we all treasure.
  • Add the brown sugar (or white) or none at all...your preference really, to the butter and let them melt together.
  • Whilst they are melting together, take your plain flour and oats and mix together in a large bowl, then add your spices. 
  • Once all the dry ingredients are mixed and the butter and sugar have melted together, carefully pour the mixture into the bowl of dry ingredients and use a utensil of your choice, mine was a wooden spoon, to mix all together until it gets to a crumble point.
  • I had to use my fingers half way through and added slightly more flour to enhance the crumbling effect. 
  • Once done, set aside whilst making the juicy fruity part.

To make the juicy parts |

  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Spices
  • Fair-trade brown sugar
  • Lemon juice
  • A splash of water

Let's make this |

  • Carefully peel your selection of apples and pears; I had lovely brambly apples mmnn.
  • Once peeled, I'd usually sprinkle some lemon juice onto the fruit to keep it fresh add a bit of a kick to the taste but didn't have any in the house; so if you do, go ahead and water those fruits with it. 
  • Get the same pot you used to make the liquid for the crumble and add in you fruits. 
  • Add a generous amount of your spices of choice; mine was ground nutmeg and ground mixed spices. Cinnamon would be a lovely alternative or a great combo, but sadly I had none of that either. 
  • Add your sugar of choice.
  • You can now add a splash of water, but not too much as your fruit will start to release some of its juices as it cooks anyways, but the splash is to start it off and stop the fruit from burning at the bottom. 
  • Cover with foil and let it simmer on low heat for about 5-15mins depending on how much fruit you have. 
  • I can always tell when my cooking or baking is done by the smell of it; so give it a good wiff and if it doesn't smell right add more spice to the fruit or give it extra time to soften. 

  • Once the fruit is soft, I find when you have part soft and fluffy and a few harder bits of fruit, it makes it extra nice, you can line your container that your popping it into the oven with, with butter to prevent sticking. 
  • Then pour in the fruit, followed by sprinkling on the crumble making sure that you don't disturb the fall of the crumble too much.
  • I always get a little but of water, maybe a teaspoon amount and drip it down random spots on the edge of the crumble to help the crumble to not stick to the sides. 
  • Now pop into your oven which should of been pre-heated, for about 15min defending on your oven and the amount of butter thats in your crumble. 
  • Once done, share out, or keep all to yourself haha no judging here. I enjoy mine with custard, always always CUSTARD!

Adding oats really did make a difference from your average crumble and the pears added more sweetness and texture to the crumble which I loved. I must say though, I went very light on the sugar in this one so next time I will have to use a ton more. I also never really eat my crumble straight away. I always prefer it once it has cooled down and the crumble has chance to harden a bit; best is always the next day I say.

It almost felt healthy cause of the oats haha, ate it for breakfast thinking, its just fruit, oats, butter and flour....must be good for you...

enjoy loves,

Renae x



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