18 January 2017


Happy mid-week day everybody, I hope this week has gone to your liking. I thought I'd share something close with you all today. As you may know, poetry is somewhat a saving grace for me and I have been able to balance my emotions out with the creativity it brings. So...today...I decided to share another poem with you all out of my in-progress small(for now) book of poetry. It may not make much sense to you, but I want you to interpret the words, grammar, punctuation etc, which ever way you see fit and, tell me, if you like (won't hate you if you don't) what you got from it. My poems are in order, ranging from small poems to a page and a half poems (not kidding, I let the words flow), written at different points in time of my life over the course of a year, this month. If you were to read it from the beginning, you would notice the evolution of my mind and the poems would tell you a very deep story; however, I am not ready to share those with the world yet...I don't believe it will be complete until I find what I'm looking for (cryptic much Ren?! ha) and I quite imagine for me to print, bound and give as a gift to my kin in the future. I've chosen a kinder one out of the bunch, some are quite brutal and to be honest, not sure if your ready for those ones. So, alas, for now here is one note out of a sea of keys.


Splattered blood and confused minds
twisted echo confused vines
feelings mutual, child of mine
when the two of us sit down to dine
the mind, the mind, mysteries are made
labyrinths and mazes created to stay
where art thou
mysteries remade
fairy tales and creatures in the night
imaginations running wild
swirling in a far away land like a lost child
when you think of love
when you think of fairytales
when you think of freedom
when you think of mazes
splattered blood and confused minds
twisted echoes confused vines
each to their own
no material areas zone
we can travel through time and space
let’s explore the labyrinth and the maze


love, Renae x


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