8 January 2017


I went to a Late at Tate free exhibition in December and loved it. I am first and foremost an Artist, plus I'm not filthy rich so when free exhibitions pop up in London, I pounce at the opportunity to go. This event was called Generation and reflected on music, art, family, society and heritage. Mostly celebrating the black culture, it did have conversation groups were we talked about individuality and finding yourself amongst a sea of people all telling you, you need to follow a certain 'thread'. It was what I needed to hear at the moment in time because I went there feeling lost and left motivated to do more of what I love no matter what those around me say, and keep growing for myself and myself only. So uplifting to see and hear a mass amount of young and older people bond together and talk about societies issues of today.

Nadine Ijewere's collections of photographs were projected onto the walls. I absolutely loved how raw and natural the images were; showing strength amongst siblings and the beauty we all have with our bare faces.


KOKOROKO was amazing at entertaining us; I loved the jazz afro beats vibe, people were actually dancing all over the place. The following photographs were in a different section from the live music, and I'm hitting myself for not taking down the names of the Artists, but as you can see they all have a similar theme running through them. I won't tell you what the images are saying, because with art, it's all about how the audiences interpret the pieces for themselves and what emotion they get from it. So I'll let you look and evaluate yourselves.


Now, theres many ways to find information about free events; but below is one that is happening right now and if your interested in that below pic, you can click this link for the free event. 

I had a sneak peek of this Artist's work during the #lateattate as the rest of Tate Britain was open whilst the exhibition was going on. It's so weird, but in  an enticing type of way. I found myself standing in the room, looking at the work for ages trying to contemplate what was going on. Brilliant.

Art is such a beautiful way to express yourself and I would urge every and anyone to allow themselves to be free with it, with any medium of your choice. Try it...

love, Renae x



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