17 January 2017


Learning how to breath has been a practice of mine for some time now. Now I don't mean your average breathing, what I mean is learning to breath through life, take a step back, take care of yourself and just breath. Often we get trapped within the motion, we get swept away by the bad things that are happening in our lives and all the issues that are around us; sometimes we continue going and going without ever stopping to take a breath.

That's what we should be doing, taking that breath. It stops you from going crazy and allows you to think about what's actually important to you in that moment.

A lot of shitty things have happened to me and one thing I learned by the end of 2016 was to BREATH and listen to my mind and body. Whether it's taking a run, a walk or going on a retreat by yourself to let yourself heal and breath. I recently went to Snowdonia, North Wales for a month last November for work and in-between my hectic schedule I took moments to take in the view and BREATH. Snowdonia is breathtakingly beautiful, as you can see from the photos I took, and all that fresh air was so good for me to be able to think. I'm a city girl through and through, so that's saying a lot coming from me.

Fresh air gets you thinking, your blood flowing, your eyes widen and your mind explores easier. If your like me and have a mind like a train, try it and take some time to breath and allow the fresh air to work it's magic.

love, Renae x



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