19 December 2016


DUMBO. One of the greatest areas I have had the pleasure of dwelling in. It holds so much art, life and peace at the same time. I managed to capture a few street art, but you must forgive me, I was quite immersed in my surroundings so forgot to capture everything. It's good to sometimes put down the camera, some moments only happen once and you wouldn't want to miss out on the account of trying to take a photograph.


Now let's show you my attempts to self capture myself in the beautiful view under Manhattan Bridge. I acquired a place amongst the rocks that flows between Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge. Afterwards, I ventured back through the streets of Dumbo to find a place to eat. I witnessed the aftermath of a wedding being photographed on the shore, the lights, shops and massisiiveeee queues for food, everywhere! Front Street Pizza is where I ended up and I proudly enjoyed my first slice of New York pizza. I even managed to meet someone new and have a little chat. It's one of the great things about New York; everyone is ready for a chat, everyone wants to say hi and engage with you, it's so alive.

^^me trying to adjust life haha^^

love, Renae x



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