11 October 2016

Treasures In Pink Olive

Pink Olive. Another treasury found on my adventures through the West Village in New York. This shop situates between 7th Avenue Sq and Waverly Pl at 30 Charles Street. I have a weakness for interior decorating, specifically decorating with prints and unique trinkets found in precious stores such as this one. They not only sell beautiful prints, but baby clothes, homeware bits, cards and stationary; along with an array of possible gifts for loved ones.

This woman was being rather annoying; she and her husband basically came in the store to stand there out of the shade and block everyone elses view. It's okay though, because I managed to get a few snaps and leave the store inspired to create my own prints. I was so excited when I found PF Candle Co products in the store. They cost so much here in London for the small size you get, and the shop had every scent there except the one I was dying for, bummer, I know. But those candles are deliciously hand made and can be found in Urban Outfitters with your discount (if your a student) or on the shops Etsy store. My current one is their Teakwood & Tobacco soy wax candle; if you love an earthy fresh smell, that one is for you.

Don't these shops just inspire you to DIY yourself? 




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