14 October 2016

the Statement jeans

I've named these my statement jeans, purely because I'm a monochrome day to day type of woman. Colour, isn't always my thing; but recently I have ventured out of my desires to stay black, white, grey and add some spice into my wardrobe. THESE babies, happen to be my most out-there bottoms.

I found this beauty on Asos. They are by a brand called Glamorous and I, of course, brought within the tall section being I'm 5'11 but they do have them in the petite section also. My body shape is far from straight, my curves require extra space to move about and breath, so brought a size up to make sure it could fit all my thighs, hips and bum perfectly without restriction. This did mean however, that I was left with the problem of a larger waist, being these are high waisted jeans; I'm smaller at the waist, so a thick belt from H&M worked out perfectly for me to synch in the jeans. I found that baby pink crop top number from Topshop in the sale by the way, so not sure it's even still available. YES is what I screamed in my head when I realised the price and that it would match perfectly with the baby pink flowers, embroidered on my jeans.

Asos currently have sale so hopefully still available but you can find these wondrous jeans, here, or something similar, here,  top here, or an alternative top, here, here or here, and the belt, here.

What's you statement piece? 




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