18 October 2016

The Forgotten Barcelona Getaway!

Okay may I first say, please don't judge me by the quality of these images. I obviously forgot how to use my dslr at that time in life. My family and I went on a quick 3 day getaway to Barcelona, Spain last year and I fell in love with it. It honestly made me feel so comfortable and reminded me of my time in Amsterdam. It was like another home. We stayed near the Sagrada Famillia, literally our apartment was a 5 minute walk away from this unfinished beauty. I do apologise though, I can't remember the names of the places we visited, though I hope you can still enjoy the images I placed here; at least you will leave this blog with a semi feel of this gorgeous city.

There are numerous restaurants on the strips leading away from Sagrada Famillia. I can gladly recommend the restaurant you see below, the staff, food, everything, was amazing and would definitely return if I ever do come back and stay in this area again.

BEST ICE-CREAM EVER (I believe it was cookies and fudge and my brother had chocolate) You can find these right opposite Sagrada Famillia. We purchased them whilst waiting in the scorching
heat for a bus.

I adored the housing here, the palette of the city just made me want to move in.

Brace yourself for the most beautiful building that your eyes did ever see!

We also, did a day of touristyyyyyy things, such as take a tour bus and hop off whenever. We ventured to high places and I saw some pretty magical sights.

I cannot recommend this restaurant enough. Steak will never be the same for me again. I came back to London and had a steak and was ASHAMED, DISTRAUGHT, HEARTBROKEN that our steaks are so teeny winey compared to that which is served in Barcelona. It was so juicy, so well cooked, so well seasoned, can I go on...urghhhhh I can still taste it! La Barca is an amazing restaurant and the
accompanied us so well. Definitely research it and have a try if your ever down there.

Hope this quick little pictorial of my getaway made sense and you still enjoyed without all the information. 




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