9 October 2016

Sunday Spot | Considerosity | Greenwich Village

Considerosity sits on the corner of 191 West 4th Street in Greenwich Village, New York. I stumbled upon it by accident whilst walking around the area and I'm so glad that I did. I didn't manage to capture everything in the store as it is quite tiny, and to be honest, felt a little weird snapping away whilst other customers were trying to look around. But trust me, it's a treat inside and I left there with two prints and a Kate Spade purse/pencil case thingy. I loved it.

The shops full with tons of little trinkets, candles, cards, personalised gifts, unique jewellery, prints and stationary. It has an abundance of beauty within it even though the store is absolutely tiny for the amount of products they have to offer. It's rather cosy because of that fact and the simple touches to the store is what makes it worth visiting.

I wish I was back in that village right now. It was one of my favourite places to visit whilst staying in New York. Look out for more posts, although very delayed, I have plenty of trips of my time in America yet to share.

Happy Sunday


You can find some of the products and services they sell on here 



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