20 October 2016

A Soliloquy

As some may know, I am a professional television and film artist. For my last project within my final year, I made a film based on my own imagination, centred around the concept of immortality. I created the characters, the costume, the way I wanted the set, the make-up and the soliloquy needed for the main character. I worked hard with a talented director and producer and the film crew was amazing. I was and still am happy with what I achieved; but as every artist says, there is much I would change now if I had a chance to re-do the film. I thought I'd share with you all, the soliloquy, which actually became extended within the script, but here is where it all started from. 

MUA by | Renae Taylor | Photography by | Jade Spowart

Forbidden Soliloquy

This is Dr. Christopher Matthews, reporting day 36400, 
The nights continue to sink in deeper,
My condition worsens.
Increasing disfigurements, as punishment for my past pride I believe;
For I now recognise the selfishness of my past ways,
I see now that Immortality is a fate worse than death.
My face, forever changed,
Those I once knew of are now long dead.
This century resembles nothing of my time, humans are vain and beauty has lost its purity, 
If I was unwanted then, an abomination is what I must be now.
Time cannot stop me,
The wind does not move me,
Food does not sustain me,
Heat fails to burn me,
It appears the serum has made me invincible to everything but the demons in my mind,
Taunting shadows, yes….
Shadows appear during the night……




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