5 October 2016

A Look Into The Burberry Maker's House

A couple of weeks ago I ventured to SoHo to explore Burberry's Makers House while held there new collection of Mens and Womenswear clothing. It also allowed those who visited to see how the maker's go about making the designs come to life. From sculpting the human form, to textile prints and dying, to the inspirations behind the collection and fabric testing. We were able to envision the process from designing to the catwalk, with the development stages on the ground floor with a Cafe and the collection on the upper floor.

They had a small secret corner under the stairs, where you could watch the history of Burberry ( I believe) in black and white. Every day they had something new or extra happening and I went on the second day of opening. It was pretty packed, but everything inside this space was beautiful to see.

You could also have consultations by the mini studio where they done their promotion for the event. Basically, after queuing for an age, you step into this room (The Studio) where they placed statues that advertised the event around the room, with a section for you to stand and act as though you are part of the exhibit. They then snap away and you can leave with a picture to cement this day.... I personally wasn't up for the queue but managed to meet some lovely people in the short time I waited before giving up haha.

Now let's go upstairs and see the collection....

And for some of my favourite pieces...

The combination of the different textures is really what I loved. We have delicate soft colours contrasting with harder cuts and shapes. The shoes, bags, coats, everything; I admired the layering immensely.....it's what I always do with my clothes.

It felt like being in someone's house, literally, mainly because the windows had soft pink curtains and looking outside, you wouldn't think a studio was right inside here. The carpet! Oh the carpet as well...was green, patterned and made me feel like I was in my grandparents house. I actually really loved those small details to the rooms. It made me feel welcome and at home somehow.

This bag was giving me all sorts of life!

As you can see I very much enjoyed this event and took many more photos, but for the sake of my sanity, I won't upload anymore. Still not in sync with blogging yet. But on another note, if you live in London and love fashion, designing, textiles, I suggest you keep an eye out for events like these. They are free and easily accessible, oh and did I say free already, cause yeah it's all free. 

Got to love London!


p.s. sorry for the zigzaggy layout of the images, no matter how I try and fix it, the images just won't obey =\



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