14 September 2016

a bitter sweet week....

I haven't exactly got a motive for today's post; just know that I'm laying in bed eagerly wishing for the cold days to set in. It has been so hot, and although I am thankful for the summer weather I have had, I'm honestly so ready to just snuggle up in blankets and throws and drink home made hot chocolate. Global warming has done this you know.....

But anyways, I hope whomever is reading this has had a more successful day today than me and somewhat enjoyed the weather. I recently came back from New York. Technically I wouldn't be leaving there until tonight, but had to come back a week early for a family funeral. As sad as I was about having to cut my trip short, I'm grateful to have been able to come back and say goodbye to my Grandad. It's been a bitter sweet week I guess.

I have a ton of images and posts about the 3 weeks I did manage to have over in New York though.....hopefully they will be out shortlyyy.

Knowing me it may take a while but heres hoping ha





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