10 August 2016

Let's Self-Inspire...

I brought a book full of inspirational quotes months ago to keep me from forgetting the advantages of the day ahead. Recently, I re-kindled my love for such books and stumbled across this one.

It's so strange how we can feel amazing one second and the next, completely lost at times. It prevents me from doing the things I wish I'd done in the past and as I don't really feel like repeating this habit in the future, I aim to set a goal for myself each morning. For instance, today, I set myself the task of ticking off the list of some errands that needed doing for my holiday to the US next week.

Whoop! Can't wait! Finally I will leave this fake London sun for some real vitamins ha

I continuously find myself reminding myself that I am amazing in my own way; that no one can do the things that I can do, that I am unique and able to do all things as long as I believe in myself to do them. Reading that quote you see above, captured artistically and awkwardly placed for some reason, I remembered that I need to say yes to opportunities more and not doubt myself before I have already started.

It's a big task, I know, but it's worth a try ain't it...

[insert my current motto here]
Be grateful for the moments of Today, for tomorrow you will not get the Same.




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