11 August 2016

Jasmine Tea

Ever tried Jasmine Tea? You should. It does wonders.

I first tried this tea on an spontaneous trip through Camden with a friend. I was having a bad day and she suggested I try this tea. Now me being me, I didn't trust that anyone could make tea the way I do, which is perfect by the way, I let the sugar and milk and tea bag marinate in the cup for a while before pouring hot boiling water over it. Bliss. But yeah, sidetracking here - this tea, I decided to try for the sake of my own peace of mind as she promised me that it would calm my thoughts. Plus it's not an everyday tea, so why not hey.

The waiter brought over this mug of water with the flower closed up floating on top. As it soaked, it began to open, revealing its colours and it's taste. I honestly believed looking at it, that I would just be sipping hot water, but instead I was introduced to the taste of relaxation.

Within minutes I was the calmest person alive. And as I drank, it continued to open and sink to the bottom. Now, I can't remember what the restaurant we went to was in Camden, but I do know it was Japanese. I'd recommend anyone to try Jasmine Tea, surely there are other places you can order this from.

It'll be worth finding and trying, if you tend to have a stressful mind like my dear self.

[insert current motto here]
Be grateful for the moments of Today, for tomorrow you will not get the Same.



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