19 August 2016

Happy World Photo Day | The Secret Garden

Today is an amazing day to celebrate. Without such brilliant technology, we wouldn't be able to document our most precious moments in life; milestones, celebrations, achievements etc... photographs keep us connected to the past, whether it be good or bad, I am grateful that I live in an age that camera's exist. And I took a trip the other day with my camera to a secret garden at the top of Streatham Hill.

I used to come up to this garden all the time when I was younger. It holds so many memories for me; when I was a bridesmaid for a friends wedding, we took the professional photos under the trees. and it was SNOWING! As you could imagine, all this under snow was magical to say the least.

Pinafore dress is from New Look but only the grey is available here | Stripped long-sleeved crop top is from H&M but alternatively you could get from here

I highly recommend taking some snacks, a camera, blanket and good company up to this not-so-secret, secret garden if you are ever in South West London. Enjoy the rest of this unique day, and make sure you take some snaps to cement it somewhere forever.

[insert current motto here]
Be grateful for the moments of Today, for tomorrow you will not get the Same. x



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