31 March 2016

Self Confidence

I must admit, it's easy to tell someone to have confidence within themselves; but truly to be able to master that skill, takes time and healing from what ever it is that caused you to loose it in the first place.

Some are naturally shy, others are constantly on fire, but we all have the ability to sometimes feel low and forget what makes us beautiful and individual in every way. I myself have days often when I forget that what makes me stand apart from the crowd, is actually what makes me desirable, interesting, valuable and one of a kind.

I'm just sitting here thinking about life and how screwed up life can get when we allow those that surround us, affect us mentally and alter our perceptions on life. I wish to always be strong, though thats impossible, I want to have the strength to be both vulnerable and strong and still believe in myself no matter the day or season.

Just thought I'd re-visit this blog and say hi....Hi =]

Enjoy your day, afternoon, evening or morning...




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