22 February 2016

A Poem

Poems. I find that when I am stressed I write. Not gibberish, but actual literature. I enjoy it; and awake the next day to read what I processed onto paper. Thought i'd share one. I'm only human and unfortunately have days that reflect this.


Death, It's an easy way out,
But a just one
Life is so full of Misconceptions and distractions
Creating fatal attractions.
Misery and dispare
The signs couldn't of been more clear
Whats that?
To be completely honest it all seems like crap.
An abundant Life,
A wife
A life.
Where in this world can one exist peacefully,
Intwined with nature and immersed with laughter,
To be complete is to speak the Truth
I don’t need proof.
To explain the heartbreak and fragments within this world
Nations dying over precious pearls.
War has always been amongst us,
There isn't any trust.
So we come to the conclusion that death is an option,
An option that doesn't require the adoption of laws
You see to strive is to be great
As to know when you are beaten is harder to take
Journeying through the streets like a reckless snake
Your body may withstand it, but its more than your mind can take.
Be wise,
…..and strive,

To Die.

Hope your not too bugged out by this, haha, a pen is stronger than any action, so perhaps when your down write down your thoughts also so that you can reflect and take action from what you have done. 

It's quite therapeutic really....



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