1 January 2016

Welcome, 2016!

NOTE* I am an SPFX Artist and for my Instagram mua page, @renaetaylormakeup I made this little creation (not real)  =]

We Made It!

Another year has come and gone and I for one am very grateful to have made it into a fresh new year. I'm so excited for what's to come because I know that I will receive amazing blessings and grow in every area of my life. You only have to believe in yourself and determine this, for these changes to actually happen. Trust in yourself.

You must have a plan, an idea, because next thing you know 2017 will be round the corner and nothings been accomplished. This year I had my plan all ready and prepared, anticipating the minutes to a renewed year. I spent mine with God and it was truly magical!

I hope you are ready because the world isn't slowing down! Lets conquer what we could not last year, be braver, bolder and wiser!

Wishing you all the best, 
Renae x



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