7 January 2016

Expressing Yourself To Relieve Yourself...

When ever I feel low I resort to expressing my emotions onto paper. I let my creative side go wild and don't consider what it is I am actually making. Art is beautiful and Literature is like a timeless song. I love these two things and aim to engage continuously in creating my own unique content.
There's the first page....

I find it so exciting to think that one day I will finish this book when I am old and grey and can print it, and bind it, and present it to my children and grandchildren for them to pass down as a sort of heirloom. Every family should have one. It is such an unique thing to do and I can't wait for the day that I finish it. I expect I will bind it in leather and string, with the title and my name engraved in it. Oh, the possibilities.... 

Currently, I only write in it when I am lost from the world, have so many emotions that I can't keep still or I am just worried about something and need an avenue to distribute the stress through. 

Writing is one of my avenues. 

I suggest you find yours to make the down days, just that bit better. 



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