23 December 2016



Christmas is literally right round the corner and one thing that I have managed to do leading up to the holidays is keep my skin detoxed.


19 December 2016


DUMBO. One of the greatest areas I have had the pleasure of dwelling in. It holds so much art, life and peace at the same time. I managed to capture a few street art, but you must forgive me, I was quite immersed in my surroundings so forgot to capture everything. It's good to sometimes put down the camera, some moments only happen once and you wouldn't want to miss out on the account of trying to take a photograph.


15 December 2016


I was meant to do blogmas this year but things sort of caught up to me. I recently went away to Snowdonia, North Wales to film an Independent feature film for a month. I literally have't given myself any rest and have immediately gone into another job whilst the filming has broken for a break.  

20 October 2016

A Soliloquy

As some may know, I am a professional television and film artist. For my last project within my final year, I made a film based on my own imagination, centred around the concept of immortality. I created the characters, the costume, the way I wanted the set, the make-up and the soliloquy needed for the main character. I worked hard with a talented director and producer and the film crew was amazing. I was and still am happy with what I achieved; but as every artist says, there is much I would change now if I had a chance to re-do the film. I thought I'd share with you all, the soliloquy, which actually became extended within the script, but here is where it all started from. 

MUA by | Renae Taylor | Photography by | Jade Spowart

Forbidden Soliloquy

This is Dr. Christopher Matthews, reporting day 36400, 
The nights continue to sink in deeper,
My condition worsens.
Increasing disfigurements, as punishment for my past pride I believe;
For I now recognise the selfishness of my past ways,
I see now that Immortality is a fate worse than death.
My face, forever changed,
Those I once knew of are now long dead.
This century resembles nothing of my time, humans are vain and beauty has lost its purity, 
If I was unwanted then, an abomination is what I must be now.
Time cannot stop me,
The wind does not move me,
Food does not sustain me,
Heat fails to burn me,
It appears the serum has made me invincible to everything but the demons in my mind,
Taunting shadows, yes….
Shadows appear during the night……



18 October 2016

The Forgotten Barcelona Getaway!

Okay may I first say, please don't judge me by the quality of these images. I obviously forgot how to use my dslr at that time in life. My family and I went on a quick 3 day getaway to Barcelona, Spain last year and I fell in love with it. It honestly made me feel so comfortable and reminded me of my time in Amsterdam. It was like another home. We stayed near the Sagrada Famillia, literally our apartment was a 5 minute walk away from this unfinished beauty. I do apologise though, I can't remember the names of the places we visited, though I hope you can still enjoy the images I placed here; at least you will leave this blog with a semi feel of this gorgeous city.


14 October 2016

11 October 2016

9 October 2016

Sunday Spot | Considerosity | Greenwich Village

Considerosity sits on the corner of 191 West 4th Street in Greenwich Village, New York. I stumbled upon it by accident whilst walking around the area and I'm so glad that I did. I didn't manage to capture everything in the store as it is quite tiny, and to be honest, felt a little weird snapping away whilst other customers were trying to look around. But trust me, it's a treat inside and I left there with two prints and a Kate Spade purse/pencil case thingy. I loved it.

5 October 2016

A Look Into The Burberry Maker's House

A couple of weeks ago I ventured to SoHo to explore Burberry's Makers House while held there new collection of Mens and Womenswear clothing. It also allowed those who visited to see how the maker's go about making the designs come to life. From sculpting the human form, to textile prints and dying, to the inspirations behind the collection and fabric testing. We were able to envision the process from designing to the catwalk, with the development stages on the ground floor with a Cafe and the collection on the upper floor.


29 September 2016

a poem...


To live. To die.
What’s a mistake
For a mistake is a lesson to learn to make is to evolve to learn to breath
A journey isn’t always straight
You got your curves and rough edges
It all comes at different stages 
To die is to end.
A journey that could bend
To bend to wield to please to blend
A journey of passion and love and hate and tears
Of death of life which test do you detest
For death and life teach you valuable things
Things which can’t be rewritten
Not to be smitten with it but the thought of dying somewhat feels pleasing

Dreaming of sleeping

Dreaming of death. 

- Renae Gabrielle


14 September 2016

a bitter sweet week....

I haven't exactly got a motive for today's post; just know that I'm laying in bed eagerly wishing for the cold days to set in. It has been so hot, and although I am thankful for the summer weather I have had, I'm honestly so ready to just snuggle up in blankets and throws and drink home made hot chocolate. Global warming has done this you know.....


19 August 2016

Happy World Photo Day | The Secret Garden

Today is an amazing day to celebrate. Without such brilliant technology, we wouldn't be able to document our most precious moments in life; milestones, celebrations, achievements etc... photographs keep us connected to the past, whether it be good or bad, I am grateful that I live in an age that camera's exist. And I took a trip the other day with my camera to a secret garden at the top of Streatham Hill.


11 August 2016

Jasmine Tea

Ever tried Jasmine Tea? You should. It does wonders.


10 August 2016

Let's Self-Inspire...

I brought a book full of inspirational quotes months ago to keep me from forgetting the advantages of the day ahead. Recently, I re-kindled my love for such books and stumbled across this one.


31 March 2016

Self Confidence

I must admit, it's easy to tell someone to have confidence within themselves; but truly to be able to master that skill, takes time and healing from what ever it is that caused you to loose it in the first place.

Some are naturally shy, others are constantly on fire, but we all have the ability to sometimes feel low and forget what makes us beautiful and individual in every way. I myself have days often when I forget that what makes me stand apart from the crowd, is actually what makes me desirable, interesting, valuable and one of a kind.


22 February 2016

A Poem

Poems. I find that when I am stressed I write. Not gibberish, but actual literature. I enjoy it; and awake the next day to read what I processed onto paper. Thought i'd share one. I'm only human and unfortunately have days that reflect this.


Death, It's an easy way out,
But a just one
Life is so full of Misconceptions and distractions
Creating fatal attractions.
Misery and dispare
The signs couldn't of been more clear
Whats that?
To be completely honest it all seems like crap.
An abundant Life,
A wife

7 February 2016


(a quick snap I took whilst walking along the beach in Bournemouth the other night)


7 January 2016

Expressing Yourself To Relieve Yourself...

When ever I feel low I resort to expressing my emotions onto paper. I let my creative side go wild and don't consider what it is I am actually making. Art is beautiful and Literature is like a timeless song. I love these two things and aim to engage continuously in creating my own unique content.
There's the first page....

1 January 2016

Welcome, 2016!

NOTE* I am an SPFX Artist and for my Instagram mua page, @renaetaylormakeup I made this little creation (not real)  =]

We Made It!

Another year has come and gone and I for one am very grateful to have made it into a fresh new year. I'm so excited for what's to come because I know that I will receive amazing blessings and grow in every area of my life. You only have to believe in yourself and determine this, for these changes to actually happen. Trust in yourself.



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