21 November 2015

Boat Ride Madness


OOTD: Shirt + Jacket from H&M, Jeans from Vera Moda at Asos, Shoes + Scarf from Asos

My mother surprised me on this day with a trip across the Thames River. I love spontaneity! 
We had to rush like mad people, missed the one we booked and had to wait for the next one (so much fast walking) and it was so windy, my poor eyes were crying, but I love my city, more so at night but it was so much fun acting like a tourist and spending a day out with the family... minus my dad who was at work.

Big Ben, Westminister, Tate, etc...we went past and under everything. 

These are the precious moments in life that I don't want to forget and wish I could do more of. Life would be much kinder if you only allow yourself to have time to enjoy what you have in that moment. 

Life isn't perfect but days like these make you think about what you should be smiling about, rather than what you are crying over. Live for today and stop worrying about tomorrow and regretting yesterday! Be in the present and live for it.

Now I'm not saying to be a reckless one, but don't be so structured and stuck that you are unable to enjoy simple moments like these in life. Plan ahead yes, have goals, yes, but make room for adjustments and alterations if need be. 

Enjoy your day and be free



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