11 September 2015

Reminiscing Ghana

I miss the busy streets and unstable roads; the scorching heat and fan ice, the breeze and view. Ghana was and still is simply beautiful.

Being there I re-connected with my love for art; it inspired me to live out my dreams more fiercely. The markets were amazing; smelly and scary, but amazing! Whilst there we visited the beaches and the island where the slaves were taken, which was a very touching experience. We walked above a forest and went to see Guardians of the Galaxy in the cinema, which by the way is much nicer than London's typical cinemas; the seats were large and leather!

I had such a touching experience in a place that holds so much of the devastating part of black history. It annoys me when people assume that black peoples history started with slavery when in fact it just interrupted our history; we were and still are a great nation.

The views are breathtaking and at night everything twinkles like gems. The adverts on tv really don't represent Africa well; the children loved playing out side and not having technology; they enjoyed the simple things. We even offered to buy the children something and all the little boy asked for was pen and paper; they don't want what western countries force onto us. Simply beautiful.

It is a must to visit, I stayed there for just over 3 weeks and lived there not just toured but lived, which made all the difference in the memories I hold dear today.

It's not what you would expect because it is so much more.

Enjoy your day, loves.



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