2 June 2015

Exploring Wales!

Wales was simply magical!

It was amazingly picturesque; the scenery was incredible and all that nature! I felt so privileged to be able to see the earth this way and never thought Wales would be this breathtaking. I went there with my family as a day out to explore; me, my brother and father are the explorers of the family, whilst my mum and sister, preferred to drive around rather than hike and find hidden treasures as we did. 

We went to Rhayader, Brecon & Caldicot and saw all the dams built to control the water. My parents having come from Birmingham were most fascinated to see a documentary about the welsh water travelling down to Birmingham's dams to then be distributed across the city. Gravity is beautiful! I ran with the sheep and used both my digital and film camera to capture the views.

I would recommend everyone to go; its a great place to relax, meditate and be grateful for the life you have today. The air is so fresh there, compared to London anyways. 

Remember that all forms of life is beautiful. Enjoy your day!

p.s. I really did feel like I was trekking Middle Earth on my way to Mordor the whole time I was there....



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