22 May 2015


Hello and welcome to my blog!

I aim to showcase my ever growing journey towards learning the inns and outs of my natural hair; from lessons learned, to my best products and experimentation with new products. I am no longer at the beginner stage of my journey, but here is a quick background of what I have encountered so far.

My mother never allowed my hair to be permed, having done it to my sisters hair and regretted it, so I thankfully kept my natural tresses. however, through secondary school I began hot combing my hair and straightening a fringe to make it easier and more manageable to throw up into a bun. Being quite a tom boy in the past, I only began really caring about my appearance once I finished college and was progressing to university (around 18 years old).

My hair has always been very soft and has about 3-4 different textures in it. I know, crazy! But still I have realised now that the diversity is very beautiful. Even with the excessive heat to the front of my hair, it was and still remains the strongest section of hair on my head; the back and middle have always grown shorter due to my having extreme eczema from the age of 4 which cut off my hair and has made it impossible for my hair to grow evenly. Instead it naturally grows in the shape of a strawberry.    

3 years ago I began studying natural hair on youtube, mainly from Natural85's & Fusion of Culture's channels leaving my hair in single braid extensions throughout my first year of university. Then throughout the summer, I began experimenting and have never looked back from being on, can I say, an all natural no heat diet for my hair, which I instantly loved. 

Almost two years later, I am here now at the stage where I know my hair and can afford to be able to experiment with as much or as little products as I desire to learn more about what my hair can do. 

Hopefully, I can help you along with this journey!



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