19 September 2017


Isn't Life the funniest thing...


16 September 2017


For my final instalment of my Portuguese adventures, we have the caves to explore! Like the jeep tour explained in pt.1, we purchased these tickets at the office rather than the hotel and I was pleasantly amazed by the nature I got to see. The water is so clean it's unreal, you could literally see the bottom it was so clear, the caves formed incredibly well and revealed little beaches here and there. It even had a bridge like the High Line in New York over the caves, if you wanted to visit them by foot!


7 September 2017


Books are a humans best friend. When I eventually have a place of my own I proclaim that there will be a room, with large windows, bookshelves covering 3 sides of the room, a fireplace and a very very comfy deep brown leather arm chair, with thick exposed stitching and a foot stool to match. It'll happen. Anyways, I know mine might seem messy, but it's organised mess to me and a sight I like to gaze out eat day. 


5 September 2017


Let's talk Lisboa (Lisbon) and Praia da Rocha beach! As I said in the first post of my wonderful Portuguese adventures, exploring the city of Lisbon was one of our things to check off. We made the agonising 4am start up time to catch a coach down the road from our hotel to Lisbon. It took about 6 hours! and let me tell you, the heat almost flipping killed me, but it was worth it to see this exquisite city.  I must apologise in advance for the iPhone images, my DSLR was too heavy to carry all the way to Lisbon.


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